Free Download: Craig Wedren's Gleefully Sinister 'I Know'

Listen to a new song from ex-Shudder to Think frontman

Craig Wedren, 'I Know' Credit: Eve Fowler

Click to listen to Craig Wedren's 'I Know'

Craig Wedren's latest album, Wand, finds the veteran indie rocker sounding revitalized following a reunion with his old band Shudder to Think. The record plays up Wedren's versatile songwriting talent and his gorgeous, wonderfully elastic voice, but the best cuts play up a rocking intensity that has been missing from his work in recent years. "I Know," the disc's heaviest cut, is super-charged and beat-heavy, with Wedren's voice taking on a gleefully mischievous tone as he sings, "It's fun to treat you badly." Wand is in stores now, but you can download "I Know" for free here.