Floyd Reunion Is A "Silly Rumor"

Before everyone gets themselves all in a huff over the news of a reunion between Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, it ain't happening. In the last couple of days, a few online music news outlets have reported that the group has reunited and a large stadium tour would happen most likely in 1998.

Waters left Floyd following the release of their last album, The Final Cut, in 1983. And since the rumor that Waters and David Gilmour would kiss and make up has been popping up more often than not over the past few years, we decided to go directly to the source.

"No no no, it's a silly, silly rumor," said Sue Turner, Pink Floyd's manager on the phone from London. "In fact, there's nothing going on with the band right now at all. No tour, no album. Nothing."

There you have it folks, Pink Floyd is not getting back together in its original form (minus Syd Barrett of course). So don't expect them to be coming to a stadium near you anytime soon.