First McCartney, Now New Artists: Starbucks Expands Its Music-Biz Reach

Just over a month after its record label's first-ever release, Starbucks has announced a partnership with iTunes and NBC Universal that will expand the coffee giant's attempts to entertain us with more than just pricey lattes. Starting today, the Seattle company will be selling digital EPs from emerging artists via the Starbucks Entertainment section of the Apple music store. The first three acts to get the 'Bucks treatment are country act Rissi Palmer, U.K. soul singer Alice Russell and U.K. pop band the WinterKids. Actual CDs will reportedly be available in Starbucks stores, which will also be carrying Saturday Night Live: The Best of '06/'07 starting August 28, a DVD featuring show highlights, dress-rehearsal footage, commentary by the cast and bonus outtakes from an arguably funnier show, 30 Rock.