Fall Out Boy Tour Diary: Patrick Stump's Favorite Fan Art

When Rolling Stone's Nicole Frehsée hit the road with Fall Out Boy for a story in the latest issue, she learned first-hand that a lot of weird stuff goes on backstage when Pete Wentz and Co. roll into town — specifically, Las Vegas, where she hooked up with the band for the second night of their Believers Never Die, Part Deux tour. RS also handed off a Flipcam to the band and requested they document just what goes down behind the scenes. (Plus we nabbed live shots from their opening gigs.)

In our first installment of FOB's tour diary, Patrick Stump examines some of their finest fan-made art. Evidently making mini Petes and Patricks is a popular pastime, and the frontman pulls out some seriously South Parkian replicas of all the bandmembers and notes the similarities to the real deals: drummer Andy Hurley's two-tone hair-facial hair look, guitarist Joe Trohman's "get me out of this photo shoot" expression and of course a requisite hoodie.

For more of a taste of what FOB's life is like on tour, grab the new issue, where Frehsée describes Wentz being wheeled through a Vegas casino crammed into a wardrobe case that "smells like dicks" and the scene after the show, which promises to include a Slip N' Slide with K-Y Jelly.

RS was also on the ground at Fall Out Boy's tour kickoff in Phoenix, where they first showed off their corporate-villain look (the business suits, wigs and black eyes are a commentary on the financial crisis, though Wentz later told RS, "Satire doesn't always go over well").

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