Exclusive Streams: Motion City Soundtrack and Trampled by Turtles Cover Each Other

Minnesota bands swap tunes on new split EP

Motion City Soundtrack 'Wait So Long' & Trampled By Turtles 'Disappear' Credit: Maximum Sunshine Records

Click to listen to Motion City Soundtrack's 'Wait So Long' & Trampled by Turtles' 'Disappear'

Minnesota rockers Motion City Soundtrack and Trampled by Turtles cover each other's tunes on a new split EP out on November 22nd. Since the bands have very different styles, the song swap was a bit of a challenge. "The song, though we definitely put our stamp on it, forced us out of our comfort zone a bit and reminded us of that basic joy of listening to a piece of music you like and learning how to play it," says Trampled by Turtles' Dave Simonett. "While searching through the Motion City Soundtrack catalog, 'Disappear' immediately stood out as a song we'd like to cover. Its raw, desperate lyric and driving arrangement turned out to be both an enjoyable and challenging experience for us."

"I heard 'Wait So Long' on Minneapolis MPR station the Current one day and it just stuck in my head," says Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre. "I hadn't heard a band quite like Trampled by Turtles before. Not sure how I would even classify them. I'm a big fan of making something your own if you can.  With our cover of 'Wait So Long,' it allowed us to venture into a musical territory that we might not have been willing to go on our own."