Exclusive Stream: Porter Robinson's Euphoric 'Language'

Listen to the latest from the 19-year-old EDM producer

Song Exclusive: Porter Robinson, 'Language' Credit: Alexander Jacob

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Porter Robinson's new single "Language" is the most uplifting and gleeful tune yet from the 19-year-old producer. "As a 14-year-old kid trapped in my North Carolina bedroom, I was constantly watching YouTube videos of these ridiculous European EDM massives," says Robinson. "I'd never seen a DJ or attended an EDM show, but in my imagination, these events were euphoric, spiritual, emotional experiences that truly made you fucking feel something. And four years later, when I started to come up as an American DJ, I found that attitude never really manifested in a meaningful way. There's so much spine-chilling, goosebumps-inducing music out there and it's barely getting heard in the United States. I want my music to not only be exciting, but also sentimental. 'Language' was my attempt to achieve that."