Exclusive Stream: LP's 'Into the Wild - Live At EastWest Studios'

L.A. singer-songwriter's debut drops April 24th

LP, 'Into the Wild - Live At EastWest Studios' Credit: Warner Bros. Music

Click to listen to LP's 'Into The Wild: Live at EastWest Studios EP'

With her debut EP, Into the Wild: Live At EastWest Studios, L.A. singer-songwriter LP gives a live look into her powerful, commanding sound. LP and her ukulele are seldom apart, and on Wild, the rising star keeps her emotions raw with her booming voice and big-time choruses. Like the title track, Into the Wild sounds triumphant and life-affirming with carefully layered and uplifting arrangements. The ukulele may seem quaint and quiet, but LP's sound is far from timid. LP is already working on her full-length due later this year and is set for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 25th. Into the Wild is out April 24th on Warner Bros.