Exclusive Download: Saint Motel's Anthemic New Single ‘At Least I Have Nothing’

Get a track from the group's upcoming 7-inch

Saint Motel, ‘At Least We Have Nothing’ Credit: Liza Mandelup

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Los Angeles based indie-pop band Saint Motel will release their first vinyl, 7"1, on November 28th. Their latest single, the anthemic "At Least I Have Nothing," was a bit difficult for the band, because it veers away from the playful quality many of their previous songs have. Lead vocalist A/J Jackson shares how the band wrote and produced their guitar-driven single. "I had just purchased a MIDI guitar – what we have deemed the 'Magic Guitar' – and I found this weird upright bass synth tone and starting forming the basis of the song with that. 'At Least I Have Nothing' was a lyric I had been thinking about a lot at that point," he explains.

"Like every Saint Motel song, the meaning is open to – and encouraged for – interpretation," continues Jackson. "'At Least I Have Nothing' in some ways is a kind of fucked up look at the joys of being a struggling artist. A lot of the luxuries we strive for can at times weigh us down. In some ways, those who can't obtain a cell phone, an iPad, or even a home of their own, actually have something much more valuable... their freedom."

Saint Motel's 7"1 will be released on vinyl on November 28th, but you can download "At Least I Have Nothing" for free here.