Exclusive Download: HTRK's Sleepy, Stoned Suicide Cover

Listen to the Australian electronic duo's take on 'Sweetheart'

HTRK Credit: Conrad Standish

Click to listen to HTRK's 'Sweetheart (A. K. A. Love You)'

The Australian electronic music duo HTRK recorded this eerie, oddly romantic cover of Suicide's "Sweetheart" a few years ago with late band member Sean Stewart, but it's only now coming out as the B-side of a 12-inch single for their own song "Eat Yr Heart." "Sean decided on 'Sweetheart,' he worked out an approach," singer Jonnine Standish told Rolling Stone. "We got together in London, dropped a little 2C-B and did it one take." You can stream the track above, or download it here.