Exclusive Download: Cobra Skulls' Furious Rocker 'Solastalgia'

Listen to the Reno punks' environmentalist anthem

Cobra Skulls Credit: Phillip Corbin

Click to listen to Cobra Skulls' 'Solastalgia'

Reno, Nevada punk rockers Cobra Skulls can barely suppress their rage for our culture's treatment of the environment on "Solastalgia," a heavy cut from their third album, Agitations. "Sure, we recycle and carry reusable bags, bottles and cups, but we still feel like the bastards in power are spiting us and robbing us of a world that gives life, but not as fast as we take it away," says frontman Devin Peralta. Agitations will hit stores on September 27th, but you can download the song for free here.