Exclusive Download and Kate Pierson Q&A: New B-52's Song "Hot Corner"

Late last year, we previewed a few tracks from the new B-52's album Funplex, the band's first collection of fresh material since 1992. With the record coming out on March 28th, we're giving you the chance to preview a track for yourself. Click here to download the new song "Hot Corner," a track guitarist Keith Strickland calls "loud, sexy rock & roll with the beat pumped up to hot pink." "We're more conscious of song structure, instead of fitting everything into a collage," said singer Kate Pierson of the New Order-influenced Funplex.

What was your most rock star moment?
We were driving back and forth constantly, playing Max's Kansas City, Hurrah's and CBGB's in New York and then driving back to Georgia, writing new songs on the way down and then coming back up and playing. We were in a vacuum, because we were always driving, so we didn't really have a sense about how our audience was building. We played Hurrah's one time, and we were looking out the window of the dressing room, and Ricky said "What are those people standing around in line down there?" And someone said, "That's your line for people waiting to get in." That was the first moment I was like "Oh my god, we're rock stars." Then when we did Cosmic Thing, it happened again. We did some clubs, then theaters and then we were going around doing stadiums. We played Radio City and the Greek Theatre in L.A., and I had that feeling again.

What was your favorite album when you were fourteen?
I was near fourteen when [Bob Dylan's] Bringing It All Back Home came out, and I have a picture from my birthday of me getting that album. That, and Joni Mitchel's Blue, were my favorites.

Favorite recent movie?
I'm Not There. It was mind-blowing. The different actors each play a different part of Dylan's persona. My favorite one was Cate Blanchett. I also saw her in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and I couldn't believe it was the same actress. Also, I saw The Future Is Unwritten, the Joe Strummer documentary directed by Julien Temple. I love the Clash and I love Joe Strummer and I love his solo stuff, and it was very inspiring, the story really makes you keep true to your musical instincts and be in love with music.

Who's the coolest famous person you've ever met?
Peaches. I met Peaches recently at a party and I thought she was so cool. I had been listening to her stuff.

When do you think it'll be time to retire?
Our motto has always been, "As long as we're having fun." So stop when it's not fun anymore.

What's on your current playlist?
I'm rediscovering Joe Strummer's solo stuff. I've been listening to Sinead O'Connor's new CD. And I love Bjork, especially the album that has "Human Behaviour" on it. I like Amy Winehouse, Beck, Miss Dynamite and this Canadian band called StinkMitt. My taste is really eclectic.

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