Exclusive Download: AM & Shawn Lee's Futuristic Remix for 'Promises Are Never Far From Lies'

Get a track from the synth-duo's upcomining limited edition release

AM & Shawn Lee, 'Promises Are Never Far From Lies' (Theivery Corporation Remix) Credit: Blake West

Click to listen to AM & Shawn Lee's 'Promises Are Never Far From Lies (Rob Garza Remix)'

Synth-pop duo AM & Shawn Lee have recruited Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza to produce a remix of their track "Promises Are Never Far From Lies." The song appears on the limited-edition gatefold vinyl of their debut, Celestial Electric, set to be released on November 1st. AM explains that the futuristic and cosmic sounding track was inspired by heavy real world events. "Lyrically it's a political song. Who couldn't be pissed about what's going on with the economy at this point," AM tells Rolling Stone. "Musically, with the original, Shawn Lee and I took the song from earth into outer space disco style. With the remix, Rob Garza steered the ship deeper into space... now the song is like orbiting the planets!"

The limited edition gatefold of AM & Shawn Lee's Celestial Electric will be released on November 1st, but you can download the Rob Garza remix of "Promises Are Never Far From Lies" for free here.