Erasure's Bell Has H.I.V.

Singer has been living with virus for six years

"I found out I was H.I.V.+ in June 1998 when I had a bout of pneumonia in Mallorca," wrote Bell. "Since then I have been taking combination therapy and I am feeling fine . . . My life expectancy should be the same as anyone else's, so there is no need to panic . . . Let's just get on with life, i.e., making music, doing a live tour and generally having a good time."

Erasure's next good time, Nightbird, will be out January 25th. The eleven-track album was recorded at Union Street Recordings in Brooklyn and includes the single "Breathe," set to debut at radio on January 18th.

The duo, which also includes Yaz/Depeche Mode vet Vince Clarke, released the live DVD The Tank, the Swan and the Balloon Live! last week.