Eminem Unveils Trailer For Gruesome "3 A.M." Video

Eminem took to his Twitter this morning to introduce fans to the bloody new trailer for his new Relapse single, "3 a.m." The song is a gruesome serial killer tale, and the video trailer is a mini horror movie; the full clip, which was directed by Syndrome, will debut on HBO's sister movie channel Cinemax this Saturday, May 2nd, at 10 p.m.

Based on the trailer, "3 a.m." will be the polar opposite of the campy "We Made You" video, which makes sense considering the new song's gory lyrics: "I remember the first time I dismembered a family member, December." The trailer is eerily reminiscent to the visuals of the VHS tape that killed people in The Ring, consisting of a series of images that combine into a terrifying montage: A nurse wheels a cart down the hallway of an abandoned mental hospital, Eminem sits naked in a room and runs through the woods, corpses, scribbled notebooks and finally, Slim Shady with a butcher knife standing behind a security guard as blood literally climbs up the wall a la The Shining.

Syndrome are a three-person video-direction team that spawned from an L.A. art collective and took on the clip for Estelle's "American Boy."

As Rock Daily reported earlier this week, Relapse will feature 20 tracks, including the Dr. Dre-and-50 Cent collaboration "Crack A Bottle," which was at one point destined for Fiddy's own Before I Self Destruct. Two more singles, "Old Time's Sake" with Dr. Dre and "Beautiful," will also precede the album on May 5th and 12th respectively, with Relapse finally hitting stores on May 19th.

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