Earle Readies "Revolution"

Singer-songwriter continues political commentary with new record

The Revolution Starts . . . NowRevolution

Revolution follows Earle's 2002 release Jerusalem, a pointed record that was critical of a certain post-9/11, flag-waving American identity. Though purveyors of corporate malfeasance and tax cheats were among the targets on the album, Jerusalem drew the most attention for "John Walker's Blues," a first-person story song that humanized John Walker Lindh, the young man tagged the "American Taliban" who was convicted of taking arms against his country in Afghanistan.

As with Jerusalem, Revolution doesn't spend all of its eleven tracks as a social critique. Longtime Earle collaborator Emmylou Harris drops in to add a vocal to the less fiery "Comin' Around."

Revolution is just one of several projects that keep Earle busy. He's been at work on a novel, as well as working with various anti-death penalty organizations. On June 22nd, Earle begins a four-date run of shows with Joan Baez. He's also scheduled to appear at the July 9th and 10th Return to Sin City tribute to the late Gram Parsons, along with several solo tour dates scattered between now and mid-August.

Track list for The Revolution Stars . . . Now:

The Revolution Starts . . ..
Home to Houston
Rich Man's War
The Gringo's Tale
Condi, Condi
F the CC
Comin' Around
I Thought You Should Know
The Seeker
The Revolution Starts Now