Dylan Performs For 300,000 At "Catholic Woodstock"

In papal news -- that's right, papal news -- Pope John Paul II may well earn himself the distinction of being the first-ever rock 'n' roll pontiff. Proving that truth is often stranger than fiction, the Pope himself presided over what some were calling a "Catholic Woodstock" as folk demigod Bob Dylan performed a three-song set for more than 300,000 onlookers.

As the Pope looked on, hands clasped in his lap, Dylan launched into "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," followed by "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." After these songs, Dylan, clad in a black suit and wearing a tan cowboy hat, approached the Pope's podium and exchanged a few words with the leader of the world's 960 million Catholics.

The Pope, once a poet himself, spoke a few words to the crowd then called it a night, leaving Dylan to close his set with "Forever Young."