Drake Pays Tribute on 'Wu-Tang Forever'

Singer posts another song from 'Nothing Was the Same' LP

Drake performs at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York. Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for MTV

Wu-Tang Clan: For the children, obviously, and also for Drake, who pays tribute to the New York rap collective on his new single "Wu-Tang Forever." References to shaolin fighting styles are scarce, though: Drake instead positions himself as a successor to Wu-Tang in the rap game: "Nowdays when I ask about who got it they say, 'It's yours,'" he rap-sings over minimal, atmospheric accompaniment and a sparse beat.

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The song is the latest Drake has posted from his upcoming new album, Nothing Was the Same. The Canadian singer and rapper recently told Rolling Stone he had been working around the clock to finish the LP, which is due out on September 24th. "I'm literally sleeping in the studio on an air mattress," he said. "We're working 24-hour days to make sure the story is done, front to back. It has to be a new point of discovery."