Donnas Get Out the Vote

Warner using stickers to drive CD buyers to the polls

In a unprecedented initiative to get voters to the polls, Warner Music Group is affixing pro-voting stickers on all new CDs. Between now and Election Day, nearly fifty releases -- including albums by R.E.M., the Donnas and Brandy -- will feature a sticker reading "Vote Nov. 2."

"Hopefully it will get the message across," says Lyor Cohen, chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music for WMG, the parent company to Atlantic, Elektra, Warner Bros. and Lava Records. Cohen admits that he has never voted in a presidential election, but he's certain to this year. "I realized that whatever happens in this election will have a serious impact on my children," he says. "I don't want young people to be the same schmuck I was. There's no excuse not to vote."

Cohen says that WMG staffers and artists have rallied behind the effort. "When some of our grandmothers were born, women didn't even have the right to vote," says Donnas drummer Torry Castellano. "It's amazing now to see so much apathy. We'll do whatever we can to encourage Americans to vote."