Deer Tick Lament the Road in 'Trash' - Song Premiere

Rhode Island rockers pine for earlier travels

Chris Ryan, Ian O'Neil, John McCauley, Robbie Crowell and Dennis Ryan of Deer Tick. Credit: Anna Webber

Rhode Island rockers Deer Tick are prepping the release of their next album, Negativity, out September 24th on Partisan Records. (You can pre-order it on iTunes now.) One of the record's focuses is the taxing life of a touring musician, as heard on their previously released album cut "The Dream's in the Ditch."

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Now you can take a listen to another road-weary lament, "Trash." In this big, brassy soul number that closes with a howling guitar solo, frontman John McCauley laments the monotony and stress of those long treks, ultimately wondering, "Where's all the romance I used to know?/ I want to fall in love again with the open road." However, the toll of relentless touring isn't the track's only subject, as McCauley explains to Rolling Stone. "I wrote this song about a few things: mainly, a breakup and the monotony of going on tour," he says. "The character in the song (me) is a dumb smart-ass."