Death Metal Eagle Flies Solo

Jesse Hughes taps Nick Oliveri for "Weapons"

Although his band Eagles of Death Metal are still racking up rave reviews for their debut album, Peace Love and Death Metal, singer/guitarist Jesse "The Devil" Hughes is already eyeing a solo album.

Titled Fabulous Weapons, the album came about after Hughes experienced a recent songwriting flurry prior to recording Eagles' debut. "I don't know how else to describe it, but it's been like this, 'Whoa, I can't stop, and I wonder what the penalty's going to be?'" he says. "I want to release it very limited and just see what people think. It's more clearly guitar oriented; kind of a demonstration of my musicianship and my hillbilly tradition."

While his fellow Eagles band mate (and Queens of the Stone Age leader), Josh Homme, does not appear on the recording, a few names that do will be quite familiar to fans of Palm Desert rock -- former QOTSA member Nick Oliveri and Fatso Jetson's Mario Lalli. "Nick's on a track or two, Mario Lalli, and then I incarnated myself into eight different entities and played! So that was an experience - very 'Cybil.'"

A release date has not been set for Weapons, but another solo Hughes recording will appear sooner, the two-track EP, A Pair of Queens.

"I was in a hotel room above the Cafe 101 in Hollywood, and a friend of mine was trying to convince me she hadn't heard Queens [of the Stone Age]'s songs," he says. "All I had was my little Roland VS880 recording device, a guitar, and a drum machine. So I recorded two songs ["Go With the Flow" and "Gonna Leave You"]. It's proof that no matter how bad you suck, you cannot destroy a well-written song. It's a clear ode to my friend Josh Homme, who is my guitar hero. I look up to him musically and I just wanted to say, 'Man, you rule.' It's also a vanity spite, it's 'I'm owning your song!'"

With all this extracurricular activity, Hughes still plans to make time for the Eagles of Death Metal. He says a second record is already written -- titles include "Prissy Prancin'," "I Love Baby Duck," "Poor Doggie," "Magical Pants Parade," "Sexy Moustache," "Red Hair of Fire," and "Magical Man" -- and following the same path of their heroes, AC/DC, the Eagles of Death Metal's next release won't stray far from the sound of their debut. "I think when you develop a style, you need to stick with it," Hughes says. "And I like it, it's working for me. But it's gonna advance. It's time to step it up a bit."