De la Rocha Stages "March"

Activist singer teams with DJ Shadow for protest song

Former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha collaborated with DJ Shadow on "March of Death," a new song the two have posted on their anti-war Web site,

"I hope [this song] not only makes us think," writes de la Rocha, "but also inspires us to act and raise our voices."

Along with the new track, the site features forceful critiques of the Bush administration and the current war with Iraq from both artists. "Lies, sanctions and cruise missiles have never created a free and just society," de la Rocha writes. "Only everyday people can do that. Which is why I'm joining the millions worldwide who have stood up to oppose the Bush administration's attempt to expand the U.S. empire at the expense of human rights at home and abroad."

Adding to de la Rocha's sentiment, DJ Shadow writes, "Artists, be they painters, actors, writers or musicians, have a responsibility to reflect and interpret the world around them. Our current administration's foreign policy strikes me as being reckless, inhumane and hopelessly out of step with the so-called 'values' it claims to defend. We, the world's only superpower, have the immense capacity to ease human suffering throughout the world, yet we choose to inflict it upon those who deem a threat to our agenda of empire."

The two have also completed three tracks together for de la Rocha's upcoming solo album, in progress since he broke up Rage Against the Machine in 2000. Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor is also co-producing the set.