David Bowie's iPod: Chinese Folk, Rufus Wainwright, Steve Reich

Ever wondered what's on David Bowie's iPod? Of course you have. And now thanks to The Guardian, we have a sampling of the Thin White Duke's recent most-played tracks: Chinese folk music, old school crooners and Godspeed! You Black Emperor.

Bowie's tastes run to the wordly and obscure: China's folk singer Peng Liyuan ("I have a thing about Chinese folk music, OK?," says Bowie), Britain-via-Jamaica dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson and Mali's Amadou & Mariam share megabyte space with Scritti Politti, Rufus Wainwright and cult dance innovator Arthur Russell. Bowie's iPod also features selections by modern day composers like Steve Reich ("Different Trains I: America-Before the War"), John Adams ("Nixon in China: Act I, Scene 1; 'Soldiers of Heaven Hold the Sky") and Gavin Bryars ("Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet").

Bowie's two-disc A Reality Tour — a remastered 33-song set recorded in Dublin during his 2003-2004 world tour — is out tomorrow. The collection includes three tracks that were previously unavailable on live DVD A Reality Tour: "China Girl," "Breaking Glass" and "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon."

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