D'Angelo Charged With Assault

Singer subdued with pepper spray after resisting arrest

Virginia police arrested R&B star D'Angelo Monday, after he allegedly assaulted and verbally abused a woman at a gas station near Richmond.

According to major Andy Scruggs of the Chesterfield County Police Department, the woman witnessed the twenty-eight-year-old singer, born Michael Archer, driving his black BMW SUV aggressively in suburban Midlothian. When they both pulled into the same gas station, she told him she didn't like his driving. Archer then allegedly got out of his vehicle and spit on the woman and swore at her.

When she went inside to call police, Archer -- who was born in Richmond and still lives in Chesterfield County -- drove away, but a gas station employee recognized him and police traced the car's license plate. Officers then went to Archer's home, where, according to Scruggs, he refused to cooperate, going so far as trying to shut the door in their faces.

To avoid a fight with the well-built singer, police used pepper spray after warning him to concede to arrest. He was then subdued and charged with resisting arrest, along with four other misdemeanor counts -- aggressive driving, assault, curse and abuse, and disorderly conduct.

Archer is scheduled to face charges in court on January 15th.