Courtney Love Apologizes to Frances Bean for Dave Grohl Twitter Rant

Says she's sorry for believing gossip

Courtney Love Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

After setting off a small tempest by accusing Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl of trying to seduce her daughter, Courtney Love apologized to Frances Bean Cobain via Twitter early this morning.

"Bean, sorry I believed the gossip," she wrote. "Mommy loves you."

Love had taken to her private Twitter account earlier this week to accuse the former Nirvana drummer of hitting on 19-year-old Cobain and going home with her. Love said that she heard of the flirtation from her daughter's roommate and a driver, and went on to attribute Grohl's motivations to a sexual obsession with Cobain's father, Kurt Cobain.

Gawker published the tweets, prompting Grohl to respond with a statement, saying "Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue."

Cobain later responded by dismissing Love's claims and suggesting that Twitter ban her mother from the service.

Love sent out the apology through her public Twitter account.