Cocaine in Body of Aaliyah Pilot

Investigation into August crash still in progress

An autopsy performed on Luis Morales, the pilot of the plane that crashed last August in the Bahamas killing R&B star Aaliyah, revealed that he had cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of the accident. The autopsy results were part of the crash investigation report filed by the Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation.

The investigation has not yet revealed how Blanes' condition might have influenced the crash. Just prior to the crash, Morales was sentenced to a three-year probation sentence for possession of crack cocaine. A previous report claimed that the plane, a small Cessna, was several hundred pounds overweight. A separate investigation is also looking into the mechanics of the plane for possible malfunctions.

Aaliyah, the pilot and seven other passengers were killed when the plane went down on August 25th of last year. The singer was returning to the U.S. from a video shoot. Earlier this year, Aaliyah's family filed a lawsuit against Virgin Records in May, claiming that the record company, by hiring the wrong size plane and an inexperienced pilot, was negligent in their daughter's death. Suits against Virgin and its music and video production units, the plane's owner, the charter air company, were also filed earlier this year by the families of two other passengers killed on the flight.