Cocaine and Handguns: The New Autobiography from Stones Guitarist Ron Wood

On October 30th, longtime Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood will release his autobiography, creatively titled Ron Wood: The Autobiography. While we won't know how it stacks up to Keith Ricards' forthcoming memoir (which isn't due until 2010), the content looks rather juicy, at least according to these excerpts. Here are some choice tidbits:

Wood and Keith Richards had a standoff at gunpoint following an argument. Wood says Richards frequently threatened people with guns.

The Stones traveled between gigs on a private Boeing 720, equipped with a library, a bar and, oftentimes, naked girls running up and down the aisles.

In the early Eighties, Wood freebased a lot of cocaine.

Stones drummer Charlie Watts doesn't drive due to a "bizarre fear of engines."

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