Chris Cornell on Soundgarden Reunion: "You Never Know"

Chris Cornell has finally said something of substance about the brief reunion of his Soundgarden bandmates in Seattle, telling the Washington Post, "If I was there, I probably would've gotten up onstage." The Superunknown band's Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron briefly reformed with fellow grunge icon Tad as frontman during the Washington stop of Tom Morello's Justice Tour, performing "Spoonman" and other songs from the Soundgarden catalog.

"I thought it was cool that they'd actually get together and rehearse some songs. I was kind of surprised by it, to be honest. And I love Tad. We toured with Tad; I've always felt he was a really amazing person and a really talented guy," Cornell told the Post. "So I just really thought it was a cool thing for them to do. They were just getting up there and doing it for fun, and I think that's great. The only thing I didn't like is that I wasn't there to see it." As for whether Cornell would ever reunite with his old bandmates, Cornell admitted, "You never know."

Cornell also responded — in non-Twitter fashion — to Trent Reznor's dissing of Cornell's maligned Scream album. "That's kind of childish. To be honest, if I wanted to go out to blast records that I hate, I would be sitting on Twitter 24 hours a day blasting 96 percent of what comes out — maybe 98 percent of what comes out," Cornell said. "There's a lot of music that I don't like." Still, all the criticism following the Timbaland-produced Scream isn't getting Cornell down. "A lot of people hated it, even people who were fans of us and had liked what we'd done until then hated it," Cornell told WP. "They didn't get it. That was exciting, actually. I like that feeling."

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