Bryson Tiller Bargains for Love in Aching 'Exchange' Video

Louisville R&B singer tries to reunite with ex in latest video from breakout LP, 'Trapsoul'

Bryson Tiller tries to win back an ex in the poignant new video for "Exchange," the latest offering off his breakout LP, 'Trapsoul.'

Budding R&B star Bryson Tiller tries to barter his way back into the heart of an old flame in the new video for "Exchange."

The clip opens with Tiller leaving a photo book on his ex's doorstep that serves as a window into the couple's better days. While the singer mulls his true feelings over sultry, trap-anchored production, the clip jumps between past and present, where Tiller catches the eye of his ex after a movie date with another woman. Nevertheless, the "Exchange" video ends with a reconciliation, with Tiller's photo book guiding his girl back to a romantic, scenic overlook.

"Exchange" appears on Tiller's debut album, Trapsoul, which saw release last October. The Louisville singer-songwriter notched a hit with "Don't" and earned a co-sign from Drake.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tiller explained the origins of the album's title, and what the term "trapsoul" means to him: "I was in New York in 2014. It was still cold outside. I was sitting there working on 'Exchange' and 'Right My Wrongs' at the time, and a fan had commented on one of my songs called 'Let Em' Know' that was already on my SoundCloud and said 'trapsoul movement.' I started looking up songs under that title and was like, 'This is basically what my music is.' That's when I decided to call my project that. It's not like I just created [the genre] or anything. It already existed."