Britney Spears Comeback Tracker: Album Tracklist Leak Joins Actual Album Leak; Brit Sues Perez, Plans Tour?

With all the In Rainbows talk that's been flying around the office, we completely forgot to check in on Britney Spears yesterday, so to make amends, we present a trio of Brit stories. Spears' label Jive Records, who were tightlipped about Blackout's actual tracklist, were undermined by parent company Sony BMG's German division after they revealed the running order of songs on the European disc, which will probably echo the American version. If the tracklist is to be believed, only two of the twelve songs have not yet been leaked in some capacity.

Speaking of the leak, Spears' copyright holders Zomba Recordings are suing gossip Web guru Perez Hilton for "illegally obtaining and posting recordings" from Blackout, which eventually led to the album release date to be pushed up from November 13th to October 30th. Meanwhile, Millenium dance studio owner Robert Baker told Us Weekly that Britney has booked a considerable amount of time in his studio for the coming months, which is Spears' "typical warm-up behavior" before setting off on tour. We imagine not having to play Mommy anymore has opened up Brit's concert calendar considerably.

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