Bizkit Change Title, Again

Durst still searching for something

First it was passion for Britney, then it was a jilted suitor's scorn, then it was the war on war, and now it's the search for an album title. If Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's frequent and vehement posts on the band's Web site have been intended to keep people buzzing (and confused) about the new album, they've done it.

In the latest round of posts, Durst claims that the long-awaited album will be delayed until June. According to the online musings, Durst also changed its title twice in the last two days. On March 26th, in a post that also provided the phone number and name of Limp's management, so fans could call in and say whether they wanted their Bizkit light or heavy, Durst raged: "The new Limp Bizkit CD is NOT called Bipolar. It is NOT called Less Is More. It is called Fetus More until I decide it shouldn't be."

And yesterday, apparently, was the day he decided it shouldn't be. "The name of the new album due in June is The Search for Teddy Swoes," Durst wrote. "Teddy Swoes is the one we are searching for! We have to find him and this album will open up the chambers that will lead us to him. Wow!! Confusing? It will all make sense very soon my friends. Let's take the journey together. And be prepared for ANYTHING!"

Durst also mentioned that Tim Burton contributed to the album's art design and, unable to resist the temptation, again addressed the ongoing Britney Spears maelstrom: "Just one more thing. 'Just Drop Dead' is not about Britney Spears! It's about a girl who acts like a whore."