Apple Reveals New iPod Nano, iTunes Update

Today at Apple's "Let's Rock" conference in San Francisco, the company announced a whole slate of new additions for iTunes and iPods. On the iPod front, the non-touch versions will find the 80GB models upgraded to 120GB, but the 160GB model is being discontinued. There's also a new style iPod nano, an aluminum, monolithic-looking device that was called "the thinnest iPod ever." You can still load photos and videos, but now you can view them horizontally on the nano in the new "landscape" mode, which also allows it to do the Cover Flow. It'll be available in a whole rainbow of colors (except white) starting today. On the iTunes front, iTunes 8.0 will be available today, which introduces an in-window sidebar called "Genius," which is like a smarter Party Shuffle with a hint of On-The-Go and and Pandora thrown in. Also, for fans of NBC, Apple and the network are once again friends, meaning you will once again be able to view your 30 Rock on a seven-centimeter screen soon. And last but not least, Apple have finally altered their in-ear headphones, with two drivers in each bud. Says Steve Jobs: "They finally got it right."

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