50 Cent's Middle East Video Game In Limbo After Merger

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, perhaps Rock Daily's most anticipated non-Guitar Hero/Rock Band video game, is suddenly in danger of cancellation after a merger between game maker Activision and Vivendi. Because of an over-saturation of shooting games, plus Activision's desire to retain "only those franchises that are a strong fit with our long-term strategy," Blood on the Sand is in limbo. The game was to feature Fiddy and his G-Unit cronies causing Grand Theft Auto-esque havoc after they're stranded in an unnamed war-torn Middle East country following a concert. The decrease in interest in 50 Cent might be another factor why Vivendi has opted to bypass a game so close to completion; if this was Lil Wayne: Blood on the Sand, we're sure they'd be rush-releasing this in time for Christmas. Blood may still get released on its targeted March 31, 2009 release date if it can reach a deal with another publisher.

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