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Yelawolf Talks Old Influences and New Projects at Bonnaroo

‘Music’s not as dangerous as it should be. People need to get punched every once in a while.’

Yelawolf was first introduced to hip-hop as a child in Alabama when Run-DMC paid a visit to his mom’s boyfriend and left behind some tapes. “It was destiny, you know, man,” he says. “It just kind of fell into my world. I had no business at all knowing anything about it.” In this interview at Bonnaroo, the rapper talks about those early influences as well as his recent collaborations with Eminem, Kid Rock, and Travis Barker. As for the state of hip-hop today? “Hip-hop is soft as fuck,”  he says. “So many fake-ass, gangster-ass rappers. People lying about their money, renting cars, throwing money around the club that they don’t fucking have. It’s disgusting. I hate it. I hate rappers.”


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