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Weekend Rock Question: Who Should Be Inducted Next Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Vote for the overlooked act you want to see honored next year

The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is less than a day behind us, but our thoughts are already turning to next year. Long overdue acts like Rush, Randy Newman and Donna Summer got in last night, but who should be next? Chuck D told us he wants to see NWA and De La Soul get the nod, while Tom Morello wants to see the MC5, Peter Gabriel and the New York Dolls make it. 

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Now we have a question for you: which overlooked act do you want to see inducted next year? It can be any artist or band not currently in the Hall of Fame. They also need to have released their first album or single 25 or more years ago. That gives you many options, from Gram Parsons to Stevie Ray Vaughan to the New York Dolls, Yes, King Crimson, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, the Smiths, the Pixies, the Replacements, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Jane’s Addiction and many, many more. Vote for whatever act you want, but please only vote once and only for a single artist or group. 

You can vote here in the comments, on facebook.com/rollingstone or on Twitter using the #weekend rock hashtag. 


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