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Weekend Rock Question: What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Album?

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rolling stones

As Rolling Stones fans well know, this year is the band’s 50th anniversary. For the past couple of years, rumors have swirled that the group will reunite for a tour sometime in 2012. Mick Jagger has indicated that the band might play some gigs in the fall, but the clock is starting to tick and there’s not even a hint that they have actually booked a show. 

Whether or not they actually tour, we still have 22 Stones albums to enjoy, from 1964’s The Rolling Stones though 2005’s A Bigger Bang

Now we have a question for you: What’s your single favorite Rolling Stones album? Feel free to get weird with this one. If you love Voodoo Lounge or Goat’s Head Soup, just own it. There’s no judgement here. This is a safe place. But please, just vote once and only for one album. If we suddenly see 900 votes for Bridges to Babylon, we’ll know something’s up. 

You can vote here in the comments, on facebook.com/rollingstone or on Twitter using the #weekend rock hashtag.


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