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Watch Will.i.am Hit L.A. Nightclub Scene in ‘Boys & Girls’ Video

“Party like a pro, baby; I don’t gotta train for it,” producer boasts on Pia Mia-featured single

Will.i.a.m outlines some interactive playtime rules on his new single “Boys & Girls.” “Girls wanna play with boys, and boys wanna play with girls,” sings guest vocalist Pia Mia over throbbing bass. “And the girls wanna play with girls, and the boys wanna play with boys / Oh boy, don’t you love this world?”

The track is vintage Will.i.am, filled with shoutouts to partying, drinking and the female anatomy. “See me coolin’ with the black Barbies,” he rap-sings. “Party like a pro, baby; I don’t gotta train for it … Drinkin’ all the liquor, and I ain’t even payin’ for it.”

The Spencer Creigh-directed clip finds the vocalist-producer hitting the L.A. club scene, joined by a crew filled with noticeably more girls than boys. The highlight is Will.i.am dancing – in a goofy style reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – in a foggy, neon-lit room. The track was co-produced by Will.i.am and Lazy Jay, who helmed Will’s multi-platinum 2013 single “Scream & Shout.”


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