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Watch ‘Weird Al’s Perfect Postgame Press Conference Parody

Yep, that’s Yankovic starring as ‘Grizzled Coach’ in a seriously spot-on spoof of every sports presser ever

Perhaps “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Sports Song” should have tipped us off to this, but when it comes to breaking down the banalities of our athletics-obsessed culture, no one does it better.

Case in point, his starring role in “Every Postgame Press Conference,” a note-perfect parody posted today on The Kicker, a new sports comedy site launched this week by Saturday Night Live writer Bryan Tucker. In the clip, Al – who plays the head coach of the fictional “City Animals” – takes a seat behind the microphone for the traditional postgame presser, and spends the next three minutes spouting off every sports cliché in the book.

“Before we open it up for questions, let me just say the coaches coached, the players played and there are a lot of repressed emotions present on stage right now,” he says to the assembled members of the media – a cast of caricatures familiar to any ESPN addict, including “Sad reporter, sports section, local paper,” “Attractive female sideline reporter, major sports network” and “Obnoxious reporter, some East Coast paper.”

And Al only picks up steam from there, dropping coachspeak like “Those game-changing incidents in no way changed the game” and “Your question implies I have respect for anyone in this room – and we all know that just isn’t true” before erupting in a meltdown “that gets played over and over again, for years, and that’s how you’re remembered.”

In short, this clip gets everything right – from the presence of “Star Player” and “Bench Player (Who Had Surprisingly Good Game)” on the podium to the corporate logos pasted behind them (“Shoe Sponsor,” “Computer Company,” etc). Seriously, just watch it.

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