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Watch Val Kilmer Space Out in New Oneohtrix Point Never Video

Strobe effects, intense close-ups fill meditative “Animals” clip

Val Kilmer stars in Oneohtrix Point Never’s haunting “Animals” video. Director Rick Aversion pans his camera over to the actor, who sits on the edge of a bed wearing a red Nike track suit. His head bobs as he slips into sleep, his reverie interrupted by pulsating strobe effects.

Alverson directed and edited the clip based on a story co-written with Oneohtrix Point Never musician Daniel Lopatin. The electronic artist tweeted about the video’s origins and unorthodox stylistic techniques. “Had been wanting to do something with Rick for a while. Got the idea to film Val listening to ‘Animals.’ The effect of Rick cutting frames out looks like strobes, but it’s actually missing frames. which is how you get that beautiful wiggling,” he said. 

The video debuted Tuesday at UCLA’s Hammer Museum, as the first installment of their new film series “Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never and Related Works.” The dark, elegant song appears on the seventh Oneohtrix LP, 2015’s Garden of Delete.

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