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Watch Uni’s Apocalyptic Trump Nightmare in New ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Video

New trio signed to Sean Lennon’s Chimera Music preps second seven-inch

President Trump launches a nuclear missile and sets off World War III in the new video for Uni’s “Mushroom Cloud.” Uni – the trio of Kemp Muhl, Nico Fuzz and David Strange – released their dark debut single, “What’s the Problem?,” last month on Sean Lennon’s Chimera Music label.

The group turned to animation in the new clip, which includes an extra-jowly cartoon Trump and nuclear bombs that resemble penises. Uni’s rock reaches back to the early Seventies, melding pristine harmonies, distorted guitar and clobbering drums. As the penis-bombs explode and mushroom clouds wash across the screen, Uni pushes their music to a noisy, ecstatic climax. The world comes to an end in less than three minutes.

Rich Ragsdale animated and directed the “Mushroom Cloud” clip. In a statement accompanying the video, the band wrote, “see how an atomic sex drive launches an orgy of phalluses into an orgasmic glitter apocalypse, while Uni rock out during a concert to end all civilization until their faces literally melt. Special thanks to North Korea.”

Uni plans to release their “Mushroom Cloud” seven-inch next spring via Chimera Music. 


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