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Watch Run the Jewels Become Squawk the Jewels on ‘Colbert’

Hip-hop duo also tease Bubble Wrap the Jewels, Couple Arguing Outside a Party the Jewels in ‘Late Show’ sketch

Run the Jewels parodied their own Meow the Jewels remix album — which will feature the duo rapping over cat noises — in a bonus sketch for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“Excited to announce that I’ve signed [Run the Jewels] to a multi-album deal!” Colbert tweeted along with the clip. In the sketch, El-P and Killer Mike preview several other remix projects featuring them rapping over various sounds, including Squawk the Jewels, Bubble Wrap the Jewels, Couple Arguing Outside a Party the Jewels, Leaving a Drunk Message on your Ex-Girlfriend’s Voicemail the Jewels, Jewel (the Singer) the Jewels and many more.

“Stay tuned for our long-awaited, non-remix follow-up to Run the Jewels 2, Run the Jewels 3,” Killer Mike teased at the end of clip. “We’ll get to it once we finish up with all this other shit,” El-P added. “So, it should take ’til 2029.” On Tuesday, Run the Jewels teamed up with TV on the Radio for a performance of “Angel Duster” on the late-night show.

Run the Jewels launched Meow the Jewels last year after fans began a Kickstarter to lobby the duo to release the new album with cat samples. The Kickstarter raised over $45,000 and will include guest appearances from Just Blaze, Zola Jesus, Prince Paul, Dan the Automator, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, Alchemist and, most importantly, Internet famous cat Lil’ Bub. No release date for the remix album has been announced. 


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