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Watch Lil Wayne’s Bizarre Football-Inspired ‘Friends’ Theme Parody

Rapper appears in NFL on Fox promo pleading with teams to avoid 0-2 starts

Lil Wayne sang along to a football-inspired rendition of the Friends theme in a bizarre NFL promo that aired on Fox Sunday.

In the video, the rapper seems ready to drop verses about Week 2 of the NFL season when the beat stops abruptly and the iconic theme song kicks on, confusing Lil Wayne.

Rather than the usual lyrics, this version of the Friends theme instead acts as a plea from the fanbases of NFL teams to not lose the first two games of the 2017 season. The rapper mouths along to the themed lyrics.

“You already brought your loyal fans to tears / ‘Cause it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month / For like 15 years,” Wayne “sings.” “Please don’t go 0-2 / Just ’cause you can’t catch a ball.”

It’s unclear why Lil Wayne was handpicked for the video considering his beloved Green Bay Packers won their first game of the season.

The Fox promo is the second unlikely Friends parody in as many months, following Jay-Z’s perfect remake of the sitcom for his “Moonlight” video.

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