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Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the ‘Veep’ Cast’s 25 Best Insults

Check out every crass burn and devastating put-down from our ‘Veep’ insult list

In honor of Veep‘s Season Four premiere last Sunday, we put together a list of our 25 favorite insults from HBO’s popular political comedy. It’s one thing to read the show’s eloquently profane put-downs, however, and another thing entirely to hear the show’s star (and current half-naked Rolling Stone covergirl) Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her fellow comedians actually say these hilariously horrible things to each other. So we’ve compiled a quick-and-dirty supercut of the 25 Best Insults from ‘Veep.’ To say this is NSFW is an understatement of epic proportions; prepare to get your sides split and your ears singed.


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