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Watch David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s Hilarious Country Music Parody

Sketch appears in debut season of comedians’ new series ‘W/Bob and David’

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have had it with singers who try to sound humble while living the high life, so they made a music video for their new sketch series W/Bob and David parodying bro-country opulence. In the clip, the former Mr. Show stars play Banes and Dunfrey, a couple of mansion-bound rednecks who, in the clip for their new single “All I Need,” send a woman out to get the simple things they need: “A case of Miller or Bud will do/ A rack of ribs and a pack of chew.” But before long, the list grows and grows: family-size detergent, dryer sheets, two loaves of bread, olive oil and on and on – “but nothing too fancy.” It only snowballs from there.

The sketch is emblematic of the cynical comedy style the duo popularized in the Nineties on the influential series Mr. Show. On W/Bob and David – which premieres with four episodes and a special on Netflix today – the comedians have aimed to make something fresh. “We made our mark and now we’re kind of having fun,” Cross told Rolling Stone earlier this month. “It’s not meant to be a celebration of the thing we did. The key point is to do new stuff, not patting ourselves on the back.”

To accompany their Banes and Dunfrey personas, the pair wrote a tongue-in-cheek full of snarky country signposts to announce the fictional duo’s new album. Here it is, in full:

Banes and Dunfrey are thrilled to announce the release of their new single “All I Need” off the forthcoming album Boots, Whiskey, Banes, Dunfrey. Both the album and the single have already been certified platinum through a massive pre-sale to Cos-Club Christian Pallet Marts.

The new album features soon-to-be hits like, “NASCAR, Flags, Beer and Church”, and, “Tears of an Eagle” as well as the ballad, “God Don’t Make No Trash (Randy’s Song).”

It’s been a busy year for Banes and Dunfrey. After touring for six months off their first album, $imple Country Boy$, which featured the hit songs “My Cold, Dead Fingers” and “Backseat Ho’down”, as well as the Number One single “Boots, Flags, Booze, Church, Family, Ribs, Beer, Football and American Pride,” the boys have been bustin’ their country asses takin’ it easy, “just being regular guys” in their adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Byron Banes, “This year we mostly stayed home and did the simple things we love, like buying a house in Santa Barbara, California.” Darryl Dunfrey, meanwhile, says he “spent the year with his family getting back to what’s important: Being a dad, playin’ guitar and buying a winery in Napa Valley, oh, and purchasing a Gulfstream G-857 and refurbishin’ the whole dang thing top to bottom. I like to get my hands dirty.”

Their partnership comes from their shared, simple, American backgrounds, growing up on the backroads and country clubs of the American South, and sharing an interest in monetary acquisition, football and private jet purchasing. When asked about the new album, Banes simply said, “Time to make some money!!!!” Dunfrey, who wrote most of the melodies had this to say about their new songs: “They definitely were rewarding to write as they paid for the refurbishin’ of my new jet which will have a brushed oak interior, an extra wide TV screen, and carpeting made from polar bear underbelly fur.”

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