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Watch Conan Suggest Bizarre Boy Band Replacements for One Direction

With group planning to take “well-earned break,” comedian recommends hilarious, fake alternatives like “Heaven’s Centipede”

Earlier this week, One Direction member Niall Horan denied rumors that his pop-dominating boy band would be breaking up, clarifying that they “will be taking a well-earned break at some point next year.” Now, thanks to a wacky Conan bit from Tuesday’s episode, we have some hilarious alternatives to fill that gaping void. 

The host admits these groups are “really scraping the bottom of the barrel” in terms of presentation, as he cycles through hilarious, fake promotional images that range from surreal (FernSplosion, a band comprised of ferns) to disturbing (“Heaven’s Centipede,” a play on the mutant torture of horror film Human Centipede). 

Elsewhere, we see a group of pregnant dudes (“Nock’D Up”), some embarrassed singers hiding behind amplifiers and cymbals (“Shy Boyz”), a band sharing a singular vision and eyebrow (“1 Brow 4 All”), a team-up with a random veteran actor (3 Cutiez ‘n’ Philip Baker Hall,” whom Conan calls “not a good reference”), some suspicious-looking mustaches (“Might-B-Narcz”) and the self-explanatory “Embryonic.”

While the One Direction hiatus might cause some distress for boy-band devotees, Horan is adamant the group still has big plans for the future. “Don’t worry though, we still have lots we want to achieve!” he wrote on Twitter. “Can’t wait for you to hear all the new music we have for you and to perform some new songs as the tor [sic] continues! Love you all xx.”


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