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Watch Becky G Reveal Struggles of Her Mexican-American Family

“The American dream of my grandparents … was just wanting a better life for their families,” says pop singer in latest “Why I Vote” video

Rebecca Gomez, known as Becky G, is voting with her Mexican heritage in mind this November, she says in Vevo’s latest installment of “Why I Vote.” The emerging pop star and former Empire actress is a second-generation American and reflects on the hardships her grandparents faced trying to immigrate from Mexico to the United States. 

“The American dream of my grandparents … was just wanting a better life for their families, a better education, better job opportunities, a safer way of living,” says Gomez. 

The video includes intimate interviews with Gomez’s grandparents discussing the dangerous risks they both took to escape Mexico and forge a new life in the Unites States. Her grandfather, who immigrated to the U.S. more than 40 years ago, says he was “nearly choked” by fumes after being stowed away in the trunk of a car. Both said they were lucky that they “didn’t lose their lives.” 

“Me being second-generation American, knowing that so much sacrifice has got into me being able to just go to school, or being able to walk out and not have to worry about being deported somewhere. Little things like that, it’s so easy to live days without thinking about it,” says Gomez. “The immigration system can be bettered, or made a bit more efficient, or more effective for more people. All these things factor into why I’m voting.”

The “Why I Vote” series sheds a spotlight on the personal reasons select artists have for voting in the upcoming election. Previously, rapper Vic Mensa discussed how police brutality affected his family and Kesha talked how bullying led her to advocate for LGBT rights


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