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‘Vertigo (Luke Abbott Remix)’ by PVT – Free MP3




Artist: PVT
Song: “Vertigo (Luke Abbott Remix)”
Album: Homosapien

“Remixes are a funny thing for me, they can start to feel more like a promotional exercise rather than music after a while if you’re not careful, so it’s special to get a good one that takes the track somewhere you didn’t imagine, and from someone like Luke Abbott whose music you currently listen to and love,” PVT’s Laurence Pike tells Rolling Stone. “He’s taken the ideas and stretched them out with great patience over several minutes without it ever losing its momentum or focus. I love the duality of techno in that regard; it’s expansive and free, but regimented. Something that’s not easy to achieve with more conventional songwriting. In fact, I’d like our next album to sound more like this remix.”

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