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Vegas Odds Say Norah, Bruce

Bookies rate the stars’ Grammy chances

There may actually be a little excitement at this year’s Grammys,
to be held February 23rd in New York. For once, it’s up for grabs.

“We have Bruce, Eminem and Norah — everybody else is out of
it,” says Tom O’Neil, author of The Grammys. Using a team
of music pundits and Vegas oddsmakers America’s Line, O’Neil has
come up with this (unofficial) Grammy forecast:

Record of the Year

Norah Jones, “Don’t Know Why” – 4:5
Eminem, “Without Me” – 6:5
Nelly, “Dilemma” – 12:1
Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand
Miles” – 12:1
Nickelback, “How You Remind
Me” – 30:1

Analysis: “A young, serious female is a constant,” says O’Neil
of Jones, pointing to past winners Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill.
“They always win one top category.”

Album of the Year

Bruce Springsteen, The Rising – 3:4
Eminem, The Eminem Show – 5:2
Norah Jones, Come Away With
– 3:1
Dixie Chicks, Home – 20:1
Nellyville – 30:1

Analysis: “This is for the veteran rockers,” says O’Neil of
Springsteen. “It is seen as a career award.” See also: Santana,
Eric Clapton, Tony Bennett.

Song of the Year

Bruce Springsteen, “The Rising” – 7:5
Norah Jones, “Don’t Know
Why” – 8:5
Alan Jackson, “Where Were You” – 2:1
Avril Lavigne,
“Complicated” – 30:1
Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand Miles” – 40:1

Analysis: “Are voters going to split on two 9/11 songs [Jackson
and Springsteen]?” O’Neil wonders. But he feels Bruce is the
“consistent” choice.

Best New Artist

Norah Jones – 1:20
John Mayer – 8:1
Avril Lavigne – 15:1
Michelle Branch – 40:1
Ashanti – 50:1

Analysis: “A runaway” is how O’Neil describes Jones’ prospects.
“She has the artistic talent, the sexiness and the cool factor.
It’s the perfect time for her.”


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