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Vandross Making Progress

Singer’s recovery slow but steady

R&B singer Luther Vandross’s condition continues to improve
following the stroke he suffered in April. According to his J
Records spokeswoman, Vandross’ speech and cognitive functions are
the “most exciting developments.” “Everyday there’s something new”
that he’s able to say, she says.

Also, Vandross responds when his music is played and
“occasionally sings along.”

But despite reports that Vandross has regained nearly all of his
speech, his spokeswoman cautions that it’s “still a long road

The singer has been hospitalized in New York since the April
16th stroke, spending nearly two months in the intensive care unit.
He had a major breakthrough and moved out of the ICU in June, a
week before his latest album Dance With My Father debuted
at the top of the pop charts.

Vandross’ long-term prognosis remains positive; his spokeswoman
says that when the hospital stay is over, he’ll be moved to a
facility to continue the long rehab process.


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