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U-God of Wu-Tang Clan

U-God of Wu-Tang Clan

Latin Ladies
Shakira is at the top of the Latin-ladies list right now. Her song is so catchy, and her little hip movements catch me out there. I live in the Latin-lady capital, New York City, and if I see one, I’ll definitely jump out of my car, go over there and see what’s goin’ on!

NBA Street
That’s my new video game – one of my loves. It’s for PlayStation 2. In the Wu, I’ll play RZA and Masta Killa, but I’m the best at it, of course.

Nike Shox
I call them “Nike boings” ’cause they got the spring-action thing. They’re like space slippers, or moon sneakers – they’re definitely some shit you’d wear up on the moon.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is a bad motherfucka; he can change into anything. He could literally be a fuckin’ couch – he could act like a couch and you wouldn’t even fuckin’ know it! I like all his movies – Fight Club, Twelve Monkeys – but my favorite shit he’s in is Snatch. I like that British crime shit. That Guy Ritchie – I’d like to meet him. I’d say, “Put me in your next flick as a villain!”

Hard Rock
My taste varies, man. I don’t really like Staind, I like the harder stuff – hard metal, rough shit like those Linkin Park niggas and Limp Bizkit. I just like the energy level. I like songs that catch my emotions, and they caught me out there. You might catch me singin’ that shit!

Shark Bar
There’s this little spot in uptown Manhattan where I get the Southern spicy food I like – they’ve got the rice, candied yams, corn, blackened catfish, honey-glazed chicken. The vibe’s bluesy, cool, laid-back, and the food is like your mother was cooking.

Bernie Mac
He’s one of the funniest motherfuckas in America. Him, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock – those are the guys in the forefront of comedy. Bernie Mac, you just look at him and start laughing. His eyeballs make you laugh. I love comedy – ’cause I’m a funny motherfucka.

Wu-Tang Clan have just released their fourth album, Wu-Tang Iron Flag.


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