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Turbogeist Take Open-Minded Approach to ‘Ancient Secrets EP’ – Album Premiere

Mick Jagger’s son Jimmy leads hard-rocking London crew



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Click to listen to Turbogeist’s ‘Ancient Secrets EP’

London’s Turbogeist crank it up with aggressive, neck-breaking punk rock, but the crew is interested in more than just a singular, relentless assault. Led by Mick Jagger’s son Jimmy, the group dives into their Ancient Secrets EP with trudging, serrated grunge on “Mermaid’s Revenge,” a blistering bassline on “Black Hole” and meaty, chunky guitar textures on “Rats.” Turbogeist sought to explore fantastical and cryptic themes on the new EP, which led to a diverse, open-minded approach to the record.

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“We didn’t wanna make an oi-oi punk angst record, although that’s how we started out. We wanted to make something more tongue-in-cheek, more weird,” Jagger tells Rolling Stone. “We didn’t want to make a punk or hardcore or glam or thrash record; we didn’t wanna make anything that felt sonically linear.”

Jagger likens the EP to the unpredictability of an acid trip. “It could go in a few directions,” he says. “It could be scary, but it could also make you laugh or cry, or make you realize that nothing is real and we are all just a collection of atoms moving very fast to no discernible end.”

The Ancient Secrets EP is out March 12th.


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